Our Essence

...the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

Natural skincare from New Zealand.

As the last country on earth to be discovered, and the first country to wake each morning, New Zealand is still a sanctuary for nature. More than a third of our land area is protected wilderness, so it is very easy to find yourself in a landscape that is pure and unchanged. Soaring mountains reach for the sky; clear, clean rivers rush for the sea; Pacific Ocean waves wash onto sun-scented beaches; in vast rainforests delicate, feathery fern plants grow in peace, unfurling their promise leaf by leaf.

New Zealand is our inspiration.
We didn’t need to search the world for secret ingredients and recipes; Parrs Products took care of that for us. The freshness of New Zealand is their inspiration. The products Parrs Products manufacture and sell are unique and honest, with a special element of difference – just like our country.

Ingredients that make a difference.
Every product in our many ranges has a distinctive ingredient derived from New Zealand’s unique landscape. We use ingredients such as manuka honey, kiwifruit, thermal mud and manuka oil to deliver real skincare benefits. When you open a Parrs Products product from StudioMe, delicious scents remind you that you’re looking after yourself with the gentle gifts of nature.

You can feel good about the StudioMe skincare range.

Our skincare products are all made with special care in New Zealand. They are not tested on animals and are presented in environmentally-friendly packaging. It is also our philosophy to ensure our most important ingredients come from sustainable sources so we can help do our part to retain and protect the clean, green, unique beauty that is New Zealand.

Quality you can trust from a family business.
Many of the ranges StudioMe offer originate from Parrs Products, a family business that has been making quality skincare products for over 20 years and are proud to express the spirit of New Zealand in everything we do. 


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